Why you need Best Bark Control Collar

Are you facing the problem of dog barking too much? Are you not able to sleep sound at night because of loud barking of your dog? If yes, then you must have tried different methods to teach your dog to not bark without any reason. Barking is a natural behavior for a dog and he communicates in this fashion with humans and other dogs. Some dogs and dogs of some breeds bark more than others. If you do not have sufficient time to train your dog to control his barking, your best bet is a no bark collar. As the name suggests best bark control collar will do the trick and make your dog quiet in a matter of just few days. But how does this magic take place? Let us find out.


Once your dog wears a no bark collar and starts to bark, the electronic device fitted in the collar starts to send intermittent shock waves to a small part of his neck. Imagine the condition of the dog that receives electrical stimulation as long as he barks and stops as soon as he stops barking. Dog’s initial reaction is to bark even more but soon it realizes that it is futile to prevent shocks by barking. Best bark control collar in a way works along the lines of the classic conditioning experiment conducted by Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov where he trained a dog to drool upon hearing the sound of a bell.


Te concept of a no bark collar is based upon a system of punishment and reward where the dog is punished for a particular behavior (barking) and rewarded when he exhibits another behavior (no barking). However, you need not go into details as you can see the results (controlled barking) in a very short time period.


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