How to connect 6×9 speakers with an amplifier?

Well, 6×9 speakers are quite great for adding more volume for the rare stage of the car. You can add more bass because the car always has lots of areas and are able to handle lots of power. Before buying the best 6×9 speakers for bass, you should check their watts and brands as well. After installing the speakers, you can have a unique stealth shelf that is made or install them into premade and place the boxes into the back seats.

In car audio, you will have two different ways of powering them such as directly from the head unit or additional amp as well. If you want a simple installation and don’t want hassle in the installation system then you should wire them up to your deck is an incredible way. If you are looking to optimize your current car system, then don’t pay to someone else to do it such thing. After reading the article, you can grab the installation process and save a lot of money.


  • Ensure that you have enough wires for the job. If you are short on the wiring, then order more wires or locates the amplifier that is suitable for your amp.
  • Disconnect the battery terminal before initiating the work. Be sure that you have everything that requires behind the spot where you can avoid damaging any components.

What you’ll need

Most of the amplifiers always come with a complete wiring kit. But if you do not, then you will have to buy the main power wire, an inline fuse, and ground wire as well. After that, you will have to determine the size of your amp you buy. Another thing is that amp that generates heat, thus require cooling fans. Such speakers always placed in the position that will grab maximum airflow.

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