Fiat Impatto: Mutual Benefit

Fiat cars are loved all over the world by car owners. These cars are not only good looking but also pack a punch when it comes to mileage and power. But when the time came for its re-entry into the US in 2011, Fiat chose not a large car but small and zippy small car called Fiat 500. The big problem faced by Fiat was the fact that there were many auto companies making such small cars and Fiat needed someone to make its car look unique and special. Fiat hired the services of Impatto, a marketing agency famous for its creative ads to do the promotion of its car Fiat 500. Impatto designed a TV commercial for Fiat keeping the spotlight on Fiat 500. This ad became viral and helped in boosting the sale of Fiat 500 in America. It laid the foundation of a strong Fiat Impatto relationship that is continuing till date.


Fiat wanted Impatto to make its car look and feel American. Impatto searched for ways of doing it in a TV commercial and finally settled down on Elvis Presley, the true American youth and cultural icon. If you have watched the ad, you know how the company has cleverly used the practice of going to a drive in Movie Theater and Elvis Presley to catch the attention of the young people of America. Fiat Impatto ad kind of coveys the message that Fiat 500 is true American and the car to keep in your house. It finally compares 500 with Elvis Presley to give you a clear choice in terms of family car when you are there in the market.


Impatto did many more TV and print media ads for Fiat after this one. There is a strong relationship between the two companies that continues unabated.