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Thermal Paste – Few Tips To Help You

Application of different kinds of thermal pastes is very common these day in heat producing electrical instruments. It is more common in computers, as heat effects the performance of the system. It is very easy to apply this site, however, there are few little things which are important to know.

  • Before applying the thermal paste, you need to clean the surface of the IHS. You can use alcohol based cleaners for the proper cleaning. Make sure you are using nonconductive material for the cleaning, like cotton or tissue paper.
  • Another important thing is to apply a very small amount of thermal paste. Keep in mind that excessive use of thermal paste will make it an insulator and instead of dissipating heat it will start retaining it. So, make sure that you apply a very small amount of paste.
  • On the other hand, too little is also not good. You can use pea method, vertical method or circular method for the proper application of thermal paste.
  • When applying, make sure that it does not spill on other parts of the computer. If you are using metal based thermal compounds, it can cause some more issues in case of spillage.
  • Once you apply thermal paste, it will last long. However, when you reinstall your cooler make sure that you reapply thermal paste as well. You should reapply it once a year for better performance.

The function of the thermal paste is to dissipate the heat and keep the system cooler. So, make sure that you buy the right paste having good compound. Apply it properly after cleaning the surface. Moreover, make sure you apply it in proper quantity as well. These are just the few tips which can help you if you are doing it for the first time. If you have applied the thermal paste before, you can make better decisions.


Computer Products

Best 1440p Monitors – Our Top Picks

A verity of monitors is available in the market, which are used for different purposes. However, if you need a gaming monitor, majority of the people will recommend you 1440p. If we talk about the best 1440p monitors, we have to consider things like refresh rate, delay time, panel type and adjustability. Here are some best 1440p monitors, which are popular choice and offer good results.

ASUS ROG Swift monitor: It is the most popular monitor, when it comes to best 1440p monitors. It is 27 inch in size but the highlight is, it’s very responsive. Its response time is 1ms and the refresh rate is 144Hz. Users love it as there are no input lag and no screen tears. Smooth game play and sharp images make it one of best 1440p monitors. Yes, it is expansive too, but it offers all the adjustability features too like swivel, tile, Hight and pivot. With TN panel – type this is the top choice.

Acer Predator XB271HU monitor: Acer monitors are the best gaming monitors is the market. The offer all the specs necessary for the gaming monitor. With 27-inch size and 4ms response time, it offers best features in economical price. Refresh rate is 165 Hz and the panel type is IPS.

Acer XG270HU: The specifications on this Acer monitor is almost the same as XB271HU, except it has a downgrade panel and the response time is much faster. Panel type is TN and response time is 1ms. 144Hz refresh rate makes it one of the best 1440p monitors.

BenQ GW2765HT monitor: Another top gaming monitor is manufactured by BenQ. It is a smart pick in very economical price. Response time is 4ms and panel type is IPS. The only drawback is the 60Hz refresh rate, which needs improvement.

These are just the few best 1440p monitors,a verity of them is available in the market.


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How To Find Cheap 3D Printers For Sale

3D printing is the newest technology in printing. Many people want to own one of these printers, however they can be costly. If you want one of these printers, you will want to make sure you get the best price. Here you will learn how to find cheap 3D printers for sale so you can get the best deal.


Search online for cheap 3D printers. You may have luck finding them on sale when you look at a variety of websites to see what their prices are. Check several websites and make sure you read over reviews so you can learn what other customers think about the printers and if they are worth buying. One thing is for sure, when you buy a 3D printer, you want one that is going to last and do what it’s supposed to do.


Ask people you know and find out if they have any information on these printers. You will be able to find out firsthand if the printers are any good and where they bought them. Ask them if they know of anywhere that has these on sale so you can look there.


Check for coupons before you buy your 3D printer. Make sure you look over different coupon websites so you can use one of the coupons there to save the most money. You can then apply the coupon to your order so you can get the biggest discount on one of these printers.


When you use this advice, you will get the best deal on a 3D printer. Start searching to see what sales and deals there are on them so you can be sure to get the best price. You will be able to 3D print whatever you want in no time at all.