Katana – A History In Itself

BladesPro is associated with the Japanese sword, but it is not exactly the Japanese sword but any single edge sword can be called Katana, which can be from any origin. The single edge, which is slightly curved and slender distinguish it from the other swords. Other important feature of Katana is its long grip. Samurai can hold it with both hands, so the handle should be long enough. There are some stabbing swords but Katana is a slicing sword.

If we talk about the origin of the sword, it was invented in fourteen century. The battle conditions were changing and worriers need to fight quickly. Katana was sharp, easy to handle and perfect to slice the enemy with one shot.

Length of the sword kept of changing at different times in history. In the beginning, it was more than 70 cm. After about a century it reduced to 60 cm, approx. But the same curved design was maintained. At the end of 16th century the length again increased to 73cm.

It was used as lethal weapon, in different wars and we can find the proof as well. Not only Japanese, but many worriers used it in different parts of the world. Sword smiths mastered the specific skills, which were involved in making this sword. However, it always needed proper maintenance and care. Improper use can easily damage the blade, reducing the effectiveness of the sword.

Due to its sharp blade, it should be kept in sheath. Weapons like these are reflection of rich human history. History lovers collect them to save foot prints of history and others use them for decorative purpose. They are also used for training purposes. No matter, what is the use but it is still manufactured and history is breathing even now, in this age of mechanical weapons.