How To Use Nipple Shields?

There are a lot of mothers who face a lot of problems when it comes to latching; even this is the most common problem. Breastfeeding requires little bit of practice. Even most of the experts recommend the mothers that they can take assistance from the best nipples shields. There is nothing to wonder that why I have specifically used the world best. There are numerous companies making this aid, thus only the best one made up of good quality helps out the mother. It is worn by the mother on the nipple of their breast when doing breastfeeding. There are three to four holes on the tip of the shield in order to let the milk flow without any interruption.

Situations demanding nipple shield

There are numerous reasons where nipples shield can play a very important role; a quick glance at them would be like –

  • In case if the child is ill or born prematurely. In such circumstances, the baby is not purely able to extract the milk out of the breast of the mother. In order to serve ease to the baby, nipple shield plays a very important role. It is possible as the shield holds the nipple of the mother in extended position and the baby can give a pause without the losing the nipple.
  • In case if the nipple of the mother is flat, the child faces a lot of problem in order to get a grip and it happens as the tissue of some mothers are not much stretchable. In such situation, the nipples shields come into the role and help the baby to get a grip and extract out the milk for them.

These are the two most common situations in which the nipple shield is recommended to be used, under the guideline of a doctor.